Write the Damn Book Already

Ep 61: Living Out Your Book's Message with Bethany Clemenson

October 25, 2023 Elizabeth Lyons
Write the Damn Book Already
Ep 61: Living Out Your Book's Message with Bethany Clemenson
Show Notes

A little over a decade ago, Bethany Clemenson, author of Ditching the Dream: How to Live Life on Your Terms (Finn-Phyllis Press, 2022), found herself in a place where, on the outside, it looked like she was killing it. But on the inside, it was killing her.

She had climbed the corporate ladder and was an award-winning leader in the company. She and her husband had built their dream home. They had two healthy children. And they were financially healthy.

But behind the scenes, Bethany worked 80-plus hours a week, was on-call 24/7, and traveled regularly. She and her family were disconnected, and she felt exhausted, unfulfilled, resentful, and frustrated.

She began thinking about what she really wanted and started saying no to everything that didn't align. She found that all the pressure she felt was her own doing, and that she was both the problem and the solution. 

As a result, she left her corporate role, she and her family sold everything and traveled the US in a motorhome, and she's been (jubilantly) living life on her terms ever since.

In this episode of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, we chatted about:

🎙️ Other people navigating your book and their role in it (even when you’ve been nothing but complimentary!) 

🎙️ How writing a book helps you recognize how far you’ve come

🎙️ How to know when your book is finished (when you’re finished writing)

🎙️ Creative (and fun) marketing techniques

🎙️ Living out the message of your book


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